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Heartfelt Marriage

You want to discover and develop the skills and attitudes that will enable you to have a mutually satisfying, emotionally healthy, till-death-do-us-part marriage!

Subscribe to the Heartfelt Marriage Podcast produced by author, speaker, broadcaster, poet, and marriage specialist, Dr. Ron Ross. He speaks from a Christian worldview and from the 52+ years he was married to the same cute little Colorado girl named Amy Kay.

The podcasts are usually less than 10-minutes long and filled with practical help for listeners.

May 30, 2018

Husbands make mistakes - so do wives; this means both must become skilled forgivers.

The question isn't whether or not you or your mate will screw up something important; the question is what happens after the mess is made?

Will you forgive or will you live in resentment?

In this Podcast, Dr. Ross says, "The place to...

May 25, 2018

"I just want a little peace and quiet!" screamed a young mother. The problem is, children take time to grow up. Not only that, relationships take time to mature, troubles take time to resolve, and opportunities take time to develop.


Life never moves at the pace we prefer. Sometimes it moves so slowly we think time has...

May 18, 2018

What Do You Expect?

Healthy marriage: expects success

Hurting marriage: assumes failure

Podcast 052

By Ron Ross

The Law of Expectations states that our imaginations, thoughts, and emotions, whether positive or negative, have a powerful influence on our mind-body connection and impact the people around us and the events...

May 10, 2018

"Why is it always my fault when something goes wrong?"

Blaming in marriage is a dangerous and love-snuffing game. It is a difficult behavior to deal with because every spat quickly turns into a debate about who did what and why and whose fault it was.

When blame is the name of the game, there is seldom a time, place or...

May 3, 2018

Married couples can easily suffer from the debilitating "do-it-yourself" disease. Some couples are convinced their relationship will someway, someday, get better even if no one takes any initiative to change.

In this podcast, Dr. Ross gives five reasons a married couple might hesitate to seek help. Then he gives five...